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Dr. Dallas Hancock

G. Dallas Hancock, D.C., Ph.D.

Dallas Headshot

Dr. Hancock is a Chiropractic Physician who specializes in cranial techniques. He has maintained his private practice in Tampa, Florida since 1976. Through years of clinical practice he has identified many frequently-occurring musculoskeletal patterns that are present in a large proportion of his patients. These compensatory patterns appear to be secondary to chronic cranial patterns. Dr. Hancock has developed effective, long-lasting cranial treatment procedures that release the primary cranial patterns and eliminate the related secondary musculoskeletal patterns. The result is pain relief, improved posture, and better muscle function throughout the body.

Dr. Hancock began studying and utilizing cranial therapy techniques in 1974. He has attended cranial workshops presented by Drs. Boyd, DeCamp, DeJarnette, Gehin, Jecmen, Korneisel, Royster, Shea, Stober, Upledger, and Walker. He has also studied the writings of Arbuckle, Brookes, Chaitow, Cottam, Goodheart, Liem, Lippincott, Magoun, Sutherland, Walther, and others.

Dr. Hancock founded the National Institute of Craniosacral Studies, Inc. (NICS) in 1988 to share with other healthcare professionals the knowledge he had derived from his studies and the new techniques he had developed. He currently offers workshops for healthcare professionals in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia through Hancock CranioSomatic Institute.

Florida Licensures:
Chiropractic # CH 2446
Massage Establishment # MM 3054
NCBTMB # 385474-00
Ph.D. Union Institute & University
Masters of Science National-Louis University
Massage Therapy Suncoast School of Massage
Doctor of Chiropractic Los Angeles College of Chiropractic