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Hancock Clinic

Acute or chronic pain is the most frequent complaint of presenting patients in our clinic. The pain generally involves some combination of neck, shoulder and arm, low back, sacroiliac joint, gluteal region or sciatica. Many of these symptoms can be attributed to compensatory changes in postural alignment and musculoskeletal function which have occurred in response to the position of the bones of the cranium and the function of their related soft tissues (i.e., muscles, fascia, dural attachments, etc.) of the head and neck regions.

The individual bones of the head normally have slight, but limited movement, at their sutures (junctions with other bones). Collectively, when the bones of the cranium are moved as a functioning unit, an impressive amount of movement is possible. When movement is compromised at individual sutures, the result is alteration of specific and predictable muscle function elsewhere in the body. When the cranial bones are restricted as a unit (e.g., a sphenobasilar strain pattern) the effects on muscle function are diffuse and result in specific and predictable global changes of musculoskeletal function and postural alignment.

CranioSomatic Therapy® addresses the cranial patterns and generally results in marked improvement, if not total elimination, of many of the above postural and musculoskeletal symptoms. It should be noted that cranio (head) – somatic (body) relationships are reciprocal. Changes in postural alignment and/or imbalances in musculoskeletal function typically result in predictable compensatory changes in the position and function of the osseous and soft tissue structures of the cranial region.

The CranioSomatic concepts and procedures used in our clinic are available to other healthcare professionals through workshops, seminars, and lectures. Hancock CranioSomatic Institute offers three (3) groups of CranioSomatic workshops for healthcare professionals:

Click here to explore the workshop information, as well as the current schedule of classes and registration information.