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Better Performance, Less Pain – Spring and Summer Sports

Springtime! Many of us are increasing our outdoor activities. What can you do to help assure your activities provide the benefits you want – without injury or unnecessary soreness?

Appropriate shoes are important. “Flip-flop” types increase the tension in your back and neck – never a good thing. And any shoe with turned-up toes or a curved–up heel also create a lot of tension throughout your body and can contribute to pain and dysfunction.

When it comes to socks, avoid the ones that have elasticity around the arch and over the instep of the foot.
Contrary to their packaging claims, this style can increase fatigue and decrease performance.

Summer sports may mean shopping for new socks, but STOP! Before you buy even 1 more pair, read this: socks with elastic around the arch will NOT help you run or play better. In fact, that pressure around your foot sends conflicting nerve messages to your brain, and your body actually performs under MORE stress. Pain in other, unexpected parts of your body may result!

Flo’s uniquely calming “FPI” therapy techniques quiet hyperactive nerves that can create pain or dysfunction in any part of the body. From foot pain to headaches, and golfer’s knee to tennis elbow, patients can expect steady improvements that last from one session to the next.

FPI therapy is appropriate for all ages. Flo especially enjoys working with children who have challenges. Prospective patients are encouraged to call and talk with Flo about their needs.