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Do You Wake Up with Aches and Pains? Get it Fixed!

Why do we sometimes wake up all achy? Or have a pain that just won’t let up? Was it really the holiday cleaning and decorating? Or did those activities just stir up some sore muscles from months or years ago?
Movements that we have repeated often, especially when under the stress of a heavy work load or a big deadline, create hyper-active nerves.

Girl Taking A Nap On Her Notebook Computer As Exhausted

These nerves don’t quiet down and rest when they should – they keep on making muscles tight and tighter, day and night.
Flo’s uniquely calming “FPI” therapy techniques quiet the hyper-active nerves that can create pain or dysfunction in any part of the body. From foot pain to headaches, and golfer’s knee to tennis elbow, patients can expect steady improvements that last from one session to the next.
FPI therapy is appropriate for all ages. Flo especially enjoys working with children who have challenges. Prospective patients are encouraged to call and talk with Flo about their needs.