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Much Improved Ankle

I just wanted to report back to you about my right ankle after I saw you earlier this summer. The timeline on this was that I sprained the (heck) out of my ankle in Sept. two years ago. My chiropractor up here in Virginia told me it was not broken, but that it was a severe sprain and would take some time to get better, but that it would get better.

She was right. It was not broken and it did get better . . . up to a point. But even after 18 months it was just not healing the way I felt that it should.  It still was hurting intermittently and was even getting worse sometimes and then back to semi-okay again.  But then I came to Tampa and saw you back in June. Since then it has really healed up very nicely! I have a little pain left, but WOW did it improve after I saw you last!  Incidentally, I recently got a bike . . . and now with my much improved ankle I can use it!

Thanks again – Walt L., – Arlington, VA