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Recovery After 5 Years of Disability

My name is Lisa. I have a story to share. This is the story of my recovery after 4 or 5 years of disability.  I was on medical leave … I went to many doctors, but they could not find any reason for my pain or my many symptoms.  I tried numerous therapies, lost 40 pounds . . . and was so weak that I was, in effect, totally disabled.

​The recovery I owe to Flo Barber’s therapy, Facilitated Pathways Intervention. After a few months of therapy with her, I was steadily getting better. At the four-month mark, I was ready to start preparing to go back to work. I began working at a part-time job in my field after six months of Flo’s FPI therapy.

​Mostly my progress was steady, with gradual increases in my strength. At the one year mark I was able to begin a full time job, and was experiencing a fairly useful life. Although I still went for therapy every week, and was quite clearly not yet in ‘maintenance.’ I was certainly a lot happier; I could even enjoy eating out at restaurants occasionally. By this point, my husband was overjoyed that we were getting our lives back. At the two-year mark, I was confident enough of my recovery to accept a better job in another state. (Flo usually gets results with people very quickly; I was not a typical case!)

​By that next summer, Flo was working with me in the gym; I was doing push-ups, working on the machines, and lifting weights. I had started with one pound weights, and was up to 5 or 6 pounds. After one particular session I told my friend, “My regular treatment is over, and I am in maintenance now!” ​ Today, I have not been back for 6 months to see Flo. During that time, I have not had one visit to a chiropractor, either. I am not perfect; I still have twinges of this or that, but Facilitated Pathways therapy has restored my body’s ability to heal itself, and my life is normal again. I have even been able to ski Black Diamond slopes again!!

I want to become a practitioner of Facilitated Pathways Intervention. After seeing it heal so many varied types of injuries and illness, I have a burning desire to help others as Flo helped me. It is such a gentle, safe, and effective treatment. I have attended two of Flo’s classes, and I plan to take them all. Being in that first class was a true moment of triumph. After all – who better to learn than one who has experienced this therapy as a patient?

​Thank you, Flo, for healing my muscles, for teaching my body how to function again, and for bringing Facilitated Pathways Intervention into this world. ​

Lisa G., Sept. 2015 – Oak Ridge, TN