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Are You Suffering Aches and Pains from Your New Year’s Resolution to “Get in Shape?”

Happy New Year! Success with Resolutions

Many of us make “Resolutions” – and others just start January with fresh intentions to do some things better. If part of your new goals involve health and fitness, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

The turtle beat the hare by keeping a pace that was steady and doable. This is really important in developing physical fitness and healthy habits.

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Got Post -Exercise Pain?

If an exercise makes a joint hurt, back off for a couple of days. Do NOT continue exercises that make a joint hurt – your body is trying to tell you something is NOT okay. Listen to it. Call us, or see another healthcare professional that you trust.

Low electrolytes are the most frequent cause I see of a “Charlie-horse” – sharp cramps in the lower leg. Cool, dry air can make you think you are not sweating – but you may really be losing a lot of fluid. Drink Up!