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Experience Facilitated Pathways Intervention for Profound Long Term Benefits

Are you missing out on some incredible benefits?

If you have not experienced the Facilitated Pathways Intervention which is Flo’s specialty, then you are missing out on some incredible benefits! She has been providing this therapy to patients for over 15 years. Some patients who come in for ‘crisis’ treatment (“my back went out!”) or for minimal ‘maintenance’ treatments may not have seen the benefits of this therapy demonstrated.

The techniques are gentle but provide profound long-term improvements for many kinds of discomfort – neck tension and knee pain, to mention just two. More balanced muscle function, and the body’s ability to cope more effectively with many daily stresses (including environmental pollutants and allergens), are other improvements that patients note.

Best Sports Performance


These techniques provide just as many advantages for the fit person active in sports…

as they do for less active people seeking relief for chronic pain. Whether you play for fun or profit, changes in the gait pattern reflex mean muscles are able to deliver more power with less effort – always an advantage.

Whether it’s your shoulder that ‘acts-up’ now and then, your aching feet, or the other pains that keep you from enjoying life to its fullest, we offer treatment and also serve as a resource for education. Come in for a ‘tune-up’ and we’ll be pleased to show you the benefits of therapy which can make your body a happier place – and the ‘no-cost’ things you can do to help it be stronger and healthier all of your tomorrows.