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Bring Us Your Most Challenging Conditions and Cases!


to bring us your most challenging conditions and cases!

CSI Integration

Dr Dallas Hancock evaluates patient

Most massage, therapists, physical therapists and chiropractors, have some clients who improve temporarily and then either relapse or plateau. Or, as practitioners, they themselves sometimes have injuries or pain that they have not been able to resolve.

Hancock Holistic Clinic invites you to bring or refer patients with special or challenging conditions ….with absolute assurance andconfidence.

Many conditions, such as

  • sciaticawhiplash,
  • migraines,
  • tendonitis,
  • rotator cuff problems,
  • tennis elbow,
  • carpal tunnel
  • and TMJ

Respond to the CranioSomatic Techniques in just a few sessions.

All referred clients will be treated with th utmost professional courtesy an encouraged to continue care with their referring practitioner.

Practitioners are welcome to sit in and observe any session with their patients at Hancock Holistic Clinic. We welcome practitioners’ interest, questions and involvement.

Come experience the next-generation technology in structural bodywork.

Live pain-free !