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About Chiropractor – Dr. G. Dallas Hancock, D.C., L.M.T., Ph.D.

Research, Testing and Persistance Pays Off - Chiropractic Discoveries

Dr. Hancock drew on his multidisciplinary background, many years of clinical experience, and extensive
studies to develop effective treatment procedures for chronic pain.
He was able to create a protocol of special cranial treatment procedures that effectively released the
cranial torsion and soft tissue holding elements and this restores mobility and
The cranial structural integration protocol developed by Dr Hancock allows the cranial bones to move more freely and reduces tension in important muscles of the neck.
The balance mechanisms of the cranium are also able to work more effectively so improvements in muscle function, posture,and balance are maintained as long-term corrections
Dr. Hancock has been using and teaching these breakthrough cranial techniques for almost 30 years.
In this short video he demonstrates neuromusculoskeletal imbalances and his
Cranial Structural Integration approach that releases the chronic right torsion
and left lateral strain and some of the changes in muscle function that are immediately evident.