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Muscle Testing and Cell Phone Energy

Muscle Testing and Cell Phone Energy

Are you taking steps to protect yourself from wireless cell phone energy?

Flo Barber says she very routinely talks to people about what their cell phone energies are doing to their muscles

She demonstrates with muscle testing, what happens when they have their cell phone on their body

Some people have decided to carry their cell phones differently, as in, not next to the body.

Protective cases are available.

Keep the cell phone far away when sleeping

Curious How Your Smart Phone Might Be Affecting Your Body our Mind?

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Cell Phone Energetics

Can a Person Have Repetitive Stress Pain From Texting?

Originally known as "Blackberry thumb" - People would have sore thumbs from being on their Blackberry all day.

Finger, wrist, or other joint pain can be caused, or aggravated by lots of texting.

Muscle Testing Demonstration

Flo Barber teaches muscle testing to students at a Touch for Health kinesiology conference